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A cracked bricks on my house

Foundation Repair

Cracks in Bricks,  Door / Windows
Stick, Cracks in Dywall,
Unlevel Floors

A basement waterproofing repair

Water Management

Musty & Offensive Odors, Wet
Building Materials, Water Stains ,
Mold & Rotten Wood

A fix crawl space moisture problems


Creating a clean, dry space that helps protect against moisture, termites, dust parasites and woodworker ants.

A crawl space starts off evolved to rot and develop mold

Crawl Space Repair

Plumbing Leak, Heavy Rain
and Condensation

A lopsided floor joints or sagging floor

Sagging Floor

Structural Weakness in Floor
Joints and Beams.

A lopsided floor joints or sagging floor

Pressure Washing
Driveways & Sidewalks

Remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces


Foundation Repair Contractors


At The Rock, we have over 20 years of foundation repair expertise simply put, we know how to get the job done right the first time. Our foundation specialists work to restore structural stability for homeowners across the country. We believe in remaining as efficient and effective as possible, earning a reputation for our on-time results and customer satisfaction. The Rock only employs well-trained crews that can adapt to all types of job situations we encounter.


More than just quality services, we provide eco-friendly solutions through products that have a protective coating, preventing rust and zinc leaching into the ground water. When you work with The Rock, you know you are getting American-made products that were built, tested, and installed with your satisfaction in mind. We know your home is important to you.

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The Rock Foundation Repair gives clients a wide scope of alternatives important to balance out or fix foundational issues. From the principal telephone call until the final inspection of completed work, The Rock Foundation Repair will give the most remarkable help accessible in the business today. With more than twenty years experience in the construction industry, we understand what it means to offer customers a solid solution, friendly service, clearly stated contracts, and a custom bult system to address your issues.

A "Guarantee to Excellence" in view of severe quality control methodology is fused into all parts of our everyday tasks. Eagerness and responsibility for our faculty is the establishment whereupon The Rock Foundation Repair has been set apart from others. This responsibility has earned The Rock Foundation Repair is a number of satisfied clients who comprehend the advantages of working with a quality assistance organization. Our assessing staff is prepared  to perceive an issue, yet additionally to offer a suitable answer for your establishment need.


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What Our Neighbors Say About Us

Bridget S.

Craig and his crew did an outstanding job on our structural reinforcement, mold remediation, sump pump installation, and crawl space air circulation system install.  This was EXTENSIVE work, but Craig informed us of every step needed prior to beginning the project.  The sump pump was a surprise (to Craig and us), but heavy rains while he was working our project indicated the need for it.  Our floors are level and solid and crawl space humidity levels are much better now.  He also placed some additional support for future renovations we hope to implement.  Craig recently returned to inspect the crawl space (a few months after completing the job) to ensure all was still OK and none of the supports needed adjusting.  Great, dependable service!

Ronald C.

My experience with the Rock has been a very good one. I live in the county and the house was built a little bit outside of code. The work I had done was rather extensive, but the house is sound as it should have been when built. They came and installed support beams and leveled the floors which had some high and low points. In some areas where the hardwood floors had separated they came back together and look great. With the amount of work we had done it was expected that a minor adjustment here and there may be needed and when it was they came right out to take care of it. They stand behind their work. I feel that they have treated me right and I highly recommend the Rock as a company you can trust.

Tracy W.

I highly recommend The Rock Foundation Repair.  Craig and his team were very professional and fixed a water intrusion issue I've had for years in my basement.  I waited a few months before writing this review to see how good their solution was.  It's fantastic!  We've had some biblical rainfall this year, and my basement is completely dry now.  It surprised me learn how much water remains weeks after a rain, as I'll see that my sump pump ran a week after the rain has gone.  It's the vigilant sentry collecting and pumping out water before it can get above grade and ruin my belongings.  The second issue I had related to the water issue, was the fact that my basement walls were being pushed by all of the external pressure, so they were bowed in an inch or so at various points.  They were also the ONLY company I talked with that had a solution to not only re-straighten my walls, but also provided a long-term solution to restore the structural strength of the walls without having to tear it all down and rebuild the wall.  No one else would even touch that issue.  I will say that he's not the cheapest in town, but you get what you pay for, and you don't want to cheap out when it comes to the foundation of your house.  Craigs team were hard workers, and good Christian men whom I trusted to do the work.  I have zero complaints about the job they did, and highly recommend this company over all of the others in the area.  Great job guys!