Concrete Raising

Concrete Raising

Stabilize Your Sinking, Settling Concrete.
Does your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, concrete steps or patio have problem regions where sunken concrete has triggered choppy surfaces and tripping dangers to form? It’s a completely noticeable trouble that has a very easy solution.

If you have got noticed sinking concrete near your home call us today for a loose concrete raising estimate!

Why is Concrete Lifting Needed?

Concrete slabs depend on the soil underneath them for stability.frequent rains, coupled with the areas’ predominantly clay soil, can lead to soil settlement and washout. This leaves voids between the soil and slabs, which the slabs usually sink into. A variety of problems can result, including:

  • Safety Hazards

    Tripping hazards are present when slabs are significantly uneven. Someone’s foot, cane, or wheelchair could easily catch on a raised edge of a concrete slab. This is particularly dangerous around a . These uneven surfaces could also be an insurance liability. Having the concrete properly lifted, stabilized, and repaired helps ensure the safety of anyone walking or driving on your property.

  • Property Appearance & Value

    Uneven slabs and cracks in the concrete are unsightly on your property. Whether you are house-proud or do not worry much about aesthetics, the fact is that property appearance matters, especially when trying to sell a house. Damaged concrete slabs negatively impact a home’s curb appeal as well as its value, and they could be instant turnoffs to potential home buyers. Before putting your house on the market, make sure it is in tip-top shape, including the exterior concrete around your property.

  • Drainage Issues

    Sunken concrete on your property could also be tied to drainage issues around your home. If your downspouts drain water on or near concrete slabs, it could heavily saturate the soil under and around the concrete. This could potentially lead to the previously mentioned soil washout and concrete sinking. Likewise, water can pool in areas of uneven concrete near drainage channels like downspouts. This could also result in flooding.

Common Concrete Tips & Mistakes

Helpful Concrete Tips:

Concrete Repair Mistakes to Avoid:


Which sidewalk could you prefer to stroll on?

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Sinking sidewalks, driveways and concrete flooring aren’t simply eyesores – they can quickly flip into safety hazards! Sinking concrete may be in particular troublesome in case you are:

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Concerned about the legal responsibility of visitors tripping on your property

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Preparing your private home for sale

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Or simply need to enjoy your own home with your family and friends

Before, uneven parking concrete floor
After, parking concrete floor repair

Leveling Concrete May Be Affordable
Find Out How!

The Rock Foundation Repair can restore your sinking out of doors concrete problems so you can revel in your driveway, sidewalk or patio once more without worry.
In the past, contractors relied upon mud jacking (also referred to as slab jacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising, grout pumping and slab leveling) to degree concrete that had settled over time. This entailed pumping concrete slurry under the settled slab to elevate it and hoping that the agreement wouldn’t continue. We don’t suggest this outdated method. Today, we've a better, more powerful and efficient solution!At The Rock Foundation Repair we use top of the line products to boost concrete slabs to a strong position with less weight and disruption than the legacy dust jacking or slab jacking process.

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You don’t have to keep worrying about foundation problems.  The Rock Foundation Repair will do an intensive inspection of your home, and we’ll inform you of exactly what steps need to be taken to permanently stabilize your structure — restoring value to your greatest investment. Contact us on the link below  to request your free foundation restore estimate.

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