Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

If your  home or other structure needs foundation repair, The Rock Foundation Repair uses cutting edge technology and some of the best products in the business to  offer a custom solution for the issue you are experiencing.
All of our patented solutions are custom designed for your private home and set up exclusively by way of well trained Foundation Specialists.
From support systems to water management, we offer custom built solutions to fit your need.

Permanent solutions for your foundation problems
The Rock Foundation Repair Stands
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Common Foundation Red Flags

A house with bowing walls

Bowing Walls

A house having a crack walls and a settlement sinking

Settlement Sinking

A dirty and sagging crawl space

Sagging Crawl Space

A white painted house has a wall cracks

Wall Cracks

Uneven floors at the living room

Uneven Floors

A house with a sticking windows

Sticking Windows

Common Foundation Repair Tips & Mistakes

Helpful Tips for Foundation Repair

Mistakes to Avoid A Failing Foundation

Why is Foundation Repair Needed?

Whether it’s a hairline crack in your wall or a sticking window in the summer, foundation problems should never be ignored, no matter how small. These issues can manifest themselves into full-scale structural damage and can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Having a damaged foundation can also result in higher energy bills and aid in a harmful living environment.

  • Enhances Structural Integrity and Safety

    When your home’s structure becomes damaged, it can be nerve-racking for anyone living under its roof. Problem signs such as uneven floors or cracks in your walls can be the first indicators of a snowball effect waiting to happen. By ignoring these subtle signs at first, you could be heading towards complete foundation failure. Prevent this from happening by calling the team at AFS for a full inspection of your home’s interior and exterior. Our proven, and trusted solutions can get your home back on track to structural safety.

  • Improves Real Estate Value

    Ensuring your home is structurally sound and safe before you decide to list it is not only an important thing to do, but also you could increase its resale value. While there are many people in the market looking for a fixer-upper, most are expecting their new home to be free of problems. When your foundation is damaged it can reduce your home’s value by up to 30 percent. It’s important to ensure your foundation is structurally sound before listing it on the market.

  • Protects Against Mold Growth

    To some, mold may seem like a common occurrence in a home, and one that isn’t a pressing issue. Mold and mildew growth can also pale in comparison when dealing with other issues such as flooding, structural damage, or other home repairs. Nonetheless, mold formation in your house is a serious issue that can impact your home and your health in many unexpected ways. Thankfully, mold is relatively easy to deal with on its own by a mold removal professional. Of course, it would be far preferable to prevent mold from forming in the first place by ensuring your foundation is repaired and free from cracks or water damage.

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You don’t have to keep worrying about foundation problems.  The Rock Foundation Repair will do an intensive inspection of your home, and we’ll inform you of exactly what steps need to be taken to permanently stabilize your structure — restoring value to your greatest investment. Contact us on the link below  to request your free foundation restore estimate.

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