Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

Vapor barriers, help jacks, & other products for a dry, healthier area.

Your crawlspace area is a system, and every part of that system performs a role that influences the rest of the structure.

If your crawl space is showing evidence of moisture damage, standing water, humidity damage, wood rot, or a multitude of varying issues that can develope in an enclosed area, we can offer a custom solution to address any issue that you may be experiencing.
At The Rock Foundation Repair, we specialize in crawl space solutins of all types.

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Why is Crawl Space Encapsulation Needed?

These days there are a number of homes that already have some level of waterproofing and encapsulation. Still, some older properties have exposed, vented crawl spaces. Below are the most common reasons for waterproofing and encapsulation:

  • Water Damage

    If you already have a waterproofing and encapsulation system in your home, one of the main reasons that you may need to revisit it is because of water damage. Sump pump breakdown, a loose or cracked crawl space door, internal plumbing leaks, and foundation damage can all cause a previously dry, safe, secure crawl space to become damp, humid, and unhealthy. In these cases, the underlying damage will need to be dealt with before you can replace or repair the waterproofing measures in your crawl space.

  • Exposure

    Some older properties may still have exposed crawl spaces. In these cases, you will need to encapsulate and waterproof your home for the first time to ensure that your home is protected, but first, it will be necessary to have a professional look for signs of damage. If you simply cover up the damage with vapor barriers and insulation, it will grow unseen and unchecked inside your home. This will cause a world of trouble further down the line.

  • Deterioration

    Most waterproofing and encapsulation products have , but there is a point at which they will start to become less and less effective. This process of deterioration is natural, but it will put your home in danger as it progresses. Having your home assessed and maintained regularly is important to ensuring that your home stays in good condition even when the weather is extreme. The reasons for choosing to encapsulate your property (either for the first time or to upgrade your current waterproofing systems) can differ greatly depending on your situation. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to a professional about the process and its potential benefits as well as the costs.

Symptoms Of A Crawl Space Problem

A house with a cracked drywall

Cracked Drywall

A house with uneven floors

Uneven Floors

A mold and foul odor crawl space at home

Foul Odors in Home

Vapor Barriers, Support Jacks, & Other Products For A Dry, Healthier Space

Your domestic is a device, and every a part of that system plays a function that influences the relaxation of the structure. If your crawl space starts off evolved to rot, develop mold, or revel in structural troubles, this can make bigger to every part of your domestic.
At The Rock Foundation Repair, we specialize in crawl space troubles of all types.

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